Custom Affordable Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

We have many different styles of Wedding Invitations that can be ordered as is, or each can be made into a custom invitation with ink color, fonts, envelopes, liners, even monograms, all ensuring your selection to be a one of a kind.


Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Bar Mitzvah Invitations

We have many different styles of Bar Mitzvah Invitations, each choice is made to be customized with ink color, fonts, envelopes and liners, or you can purchase as is, all ensuring your selection to be a one of a kind.

Bat Mitzvah Invitations

Bat Mitzvah Invitations

Our various styles and designs of Bat Mitzvah Invitations can all be customized to suit your taste, making that special occasion even more special and unique. You may choose our designs as shown or customize the way you like.

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There are many reasons to Contact Us and we will assist you with anything you may need. Please feel free to Contact Us for any reason. You may fill out a form or email us directly, click on the button below to contact BattleInk Invitations.

Product Descriptions

Choose Your Fonts

No matter what kind of invitations you have selected, you will have a choice to make when picking your "Font Pair". You can use the fonts shown in the invitation's picture, the way we designed them, or you may choose your own. We have over 50 different fonts, some script and some print, making a combination of each a stunning selection.


Custom Cards & Inserts

In addition to addressing envelopes, we also do custom printing and digital printing. We carry and print all of the following Formal Cards and Items, for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16's and parties, as shown, or customized to suit your taste. When ordering the following items, if you are going custom, make sure you are selecting all the features the way you want them even though someone will email you with a free proof before printing. Here are our Items listed below:


• Place Cards

• Envelopes

(Blank & Printed)

• Response Sets

• Menus

• Reception Cards

• Baby Announcements (Coming Soon)

All of these items are shown and sold as they are designed. You are given multiple options for all of our items to customize them to your liking, or you may purchase them as shown.



Choose an Envelope Liner

   We have many different hand-made papers, imported papers and various colors that almost absolutely guarantee a unique custom job that will be a one of a kind. We have papers to match any ink color for any occasion and can cut them to any size and shape. Our liners are categorized by color, from there you can see pictures and details on our different and gorgeous selection of papers.



Custom Postage Stamps

We can design a stamp with any theme, any color scheme and for any occasion. We can design the stamps but we DO NOT print them, though we do have a few different companies we can order from for you. Depending on your needs would depend on the company we would have to go to, starting with the least expensive first. You have choices of size, denomination and whether you need vertical or horizontal stamps, which we will thoroughly guide you through making these decisions. We only charge a $50 design fee per each design that you need.



Envelopes & Printing Services

We also address envelopes with Digital Printing, which is flat printing and you can even purchase envelopes from us if needed. You do NOT have to purchase your invitations or envelopes from us in order for us to do your addresses, even if you got your envelopes elsewhere.